Driving while talking on phone

People who talk on their mobile phone while driving a vehicle, I get it you don’t care or value your life, but you have no right to endanger some one else life. Don’t you get it. You talk on phone while driving, what is so urgent that you need to attend the call while you are still driving, can’t you just park your vehicle at the nearest curb and finish talking, that too only if the call is very urgent, otherwise please wait until you reach you destination to take or return a call. It is that simple.

Suppose you are talking on the phone while driving and you get into an accident and you get injured or die, then well you are entirely responsible for your actions and you are the one who is going to pay the price and well you deserve it. But if it so happens that it was your fault (because you were talking on the phone and weren’t paying attention to the road/driving) an accident took place and it was some one else who got injured or lost their life then? What should be done with you? Should you be charged with murder? YES, you should be hanged. Be responsible. No call is more important than a life. Drive carefully.


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