How did you find WordPress

So how did you get into WordPress (remember W and P must be in upper case always)? For this there can be many answers like:

It’s a famous/ successful platform, everybody knows it.

I googled for best blogging platform and WordPress was on the top of the list.

My colleague referred  WordPress.

I work for WordPress, so this was my  obvious choice.

The best one is Matt recommended me to use it  😉  and so on.

There can be many reasons. Let me know yours.

As for me, I found WordPress some (almost) four years ago. I was watching a video of a young boy/ entrepreneur of 25 years old answering some of the questions he gets being asked by many of his users. I got interested and checked and I really liked what I saw and got hooked 🙂 Since I always liked blogging and had already tried few other platforms, I was really satisfied with what WordPress offered and continued to blog here. But it was really more of private journal than blogging. But I was serious about blogging, the only road block was ideas, I couldn’t find topics/ ideas to blog about, so I didn’t go too far. But a voice in my head was always nagging me to blog and so I thought let me start fresh and created this blog and here I am. Ready to scribble what ever catches my fancy.


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