The world of Twitter

I love Twitter. It’s a wonderful platform if used correctly. I love the fact that I can connect with so many people and communicate with them on various topics and guess what you don’t even have to be friends for doing that over there. The best thing about Twitter is I can communicate with famous people with whom it would have been utterly impossible to do so otherwise. Twitter connects all sorts of people, from various places, countries all at one place. Nobody is a stranger on Twitter. Anybody can talk to anybody on Twitter. How awesome is that.

Its does take a lot of patience in the beginning. While you are new on Twitter, sometimes you may even feel you’re just wasting your time over it. If it gets overwhelming, just take a break, a day or few days and come back to it again. Don’t follow anybody or everybody. Choose the people you follow carefully, start from few people. The reason its gets overwhelming sometimes is you are following too many people with whom you have no interest in common. If you follow just few people you may get bored eventually because there may not be too much activity on your timeline, whereas following too may people may lead to chaos. Choose the right kind of people, you will get it in time, trust me 😉

Twitter is like an ocean and you are the person looking for pearls (good tweets). To get the pearls you have to dive deep into the ocean and look for the pearls and all along you just have to be patient. Same way keep looking for people with same interests as yours. Check for the people they are following from the people you are following. Check the person’s timeline and if you like what you see follow them otherwise keep looking 🙂

I personally don’t like unfollowing people, so I am very careful when I press the follow button. There is nothing wrong in following random people and unfollow them if you don’t like their tweets, but taking time to check their timeline while pressing the follow button is a good practice and also reply.

Every person have different tastes, so follow the people according to your tastes. Twitter is a powerful medium if used in the right way, it connects you with the right kind of people you will cherish to meet. So go on, explore the world of Twitter and if you are wondering where to start from, start from following our very own Matt @photomatt. Enjoy 😛


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