Live like everything is a dream

It is said one should live life, like everything is a dream. Does that makes sense. Let’s see. We dream when we are asleep. Some are good dreams, some not so good, some are nightmares, some are so beautiful we never want to wake up want to keep dreaming some more. No matter what kind of dream we are in, eventually we wake up and the dream is over. We can’t do anything about it, we can’t fall asleep again and try to dream the same dream again on purpose. We have no control what so ever, to choose what we dream (I mean what we think most of the time may influence our dreams but we don’t dream entirely based on that). Once we wake up what are we left with? Some times nothing, we tend to forget what we dreamed about, (which a good thing if they are bad dreams) and some times we remember parts of the dream and some times most of the dream. So in the end we are left with only memories(of the dream). That is all.

Now take life. We are born. We live and we die. Now what we do in between is what matters. If we lived well, contributed positively to the society, made a mark in the world, then our life is well lived, if not we merely spent our time on earth or rather wasted our given time. What ever is the case in the end we all leave this world. THAT IS THE TRUTH. All we leave behind is MEMORIES. Whether they are good or bad is perhaps in our hands. Maybe.

So life is a dream, at last. Indeed.


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