Is life an Illusion/ What is life

Water Horizon
Just like it appears sky and earth are meeting at the horizon, but in reality it’s just an illusion, life appears to be the same.

I wonder, is life an illusion. It feels so real, yet nothing is real, isn’t it. We all live and we all die. Every one who is born must die in the end, right? Yet there are few souls who has conquered death, or lets just say has transcended death, haven’t they? Yes, few have, the only thing is we don’t know them, I mean no body has seen, and very few know that it is even possible, and yet there are few chosen people who have seen and known and realized that it is possible. How is it even possible? Well, it is possible, but very very difficult, not impossible, just very hard to accomplish. So life mean mortal body, yes? Then what is immortal, soul? Who am I. Am I this body? Certainly not. Then who am I. Am I a soul then. I guess. So as long as the soul is in the body, we are alive and once soul leaves the body, we cease to exist. Right? So just like we throw away clothes once they are worn, a soul leaves a body once the purpose of birth is served, yea? So does that means life is never ending for a soul? No of course not. It could be long, but every soul has to reach a destination, from where it has come into this world. Life is just a journey of soul(us) and we all reach our destination sooner or later. Lets just enjoy the journey, while we are heading towards our destination, shall we šŸ™‚


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