Some say “I will sleep when I’m dead”. Wow, really, lucky them. Because obviously only workaholics can say so but even they need sleep at the end of the day, but I suppose those who say the above statement are those who can work for hours without sleep say for 24 hours or more without break IF necessary. Lucky them. Though it’s not good to work at a stretch besides not good for health as well and isn’t recommended for healthy living, but if we leave that aside, think about the amount of work they accomplish with working continuously without taking a break for sleep. Hmm, I for one need sleep very much. For me sleep is like lifeline. I cannot work without sleep for more than 14-16 hours. And I can definitely NOT say “I will sleep when I’m dead”, and so I really envy them those who say that (assuming they are not insomniacs and they can work efficiently with lack of sleep as well).


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