Working out

If only weight lose was as easy as weight gain. To cause weight gain you have to do nothing literally, no exercise, no watching diet no nothing. Ah, how blissful, you can eat whatever you like, you need not punish yourself with tiresome workouts, just sit and eat. And good thing is gaining weight doesn’t even take much time, just few weeks of mindless eating and you got your excess weight, Tada! 

But that’s not what we are yearning for. We yearn for healthy body with good figure so we do all sorts of things to attain it. Eating healthy, with some or other kind of work out, like yoga, Pilates, walking, jogging, running, weights and what not. And guess what we have to do them tirelessly to achieve and maintain the results. There is no resting. 

Yet there is a very valuable by product we achieve from all the workouts and that is, we feel good. No matter how hellish the workout feels one’s it’s done we feel really good, we get high from it and we feel more productive as well all day. So that’s that going for us. But trust me even though it feel so good once you finish you workout, everyday is a struggle for me to start working out, to get my ass moving, sigh. Nothing is achieved without working for it kiddo, remember that. 


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