Happy New Year 2018

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New year 🙂


Mi Amor

Sona mere sona,

Tu kaffa na hona,

Sona mere sona,

Tu kaffa na hona,

Mere dil ke maalik,

Tum hi to hona 🙂



I read the book “Siddhartha” written by Herman Hesse. It’s a beautiful story. Not too long, you can finish reading in 3-4 hours tops. The link provided gives a nice description of the story.

Let me know what you learn/ understand from the story, I’m always eager to hear from fellow readers 🙂

Four years!

Today I complete four years blogging here. Yay! In just four more month I will complete eight years blogging on WordPress. Wow! I have been blogging for more than ten years, so eight on WordPress shows how much I love WordPress. Thank you WordPress for making it possible to voice my ideas, opinions and everything 😘

Alternative Plan/ Plan B

One should always have an alternative plan when doing something, more the better, but at least one aka Plan B. Having a plan B comes in handy, just in case if you fail with the original plan aka Plan A. No no, I’m not saying you will fail, I know you will succeed, go on put all your eggs in one basket, be sure of success, and you will succeed, never doubt your hard work, but also think, just in case, if you fail what will you do? Trust me many of us fail to have a Plan B and it causes a lot of stress for us.

And guess what, for every situation there is always a plan B, there is at the least one alternative for every situation, there can be more too, but every situation has at least one alternative. Don’t believe me? Think about it and you will know that it is always true 🙂