Driving while talking on phone

People who talk on their mobile phone while driving a vehicle, I get it you don’t care or value your life, but you have no right to endanger some one else life. Don’t you get it. You talk on phone while driving, what is so urgent that you need to attend the call while you are still driving, can’t you just park your vehicle at the nearest curb and finish talking, that too only if the call is very urgent, otherwise please wait until you reach you destination to take or return a call. It is that simple.

Suppose you are talking on the phone while driving and you get into an accident and you get injured or die, then well you are entirely responsible for your actions and you are the one who is going to pay the price and well you deserve it. But if it so happens that it was your fault (because you were talking on the phone and weren’t paying attention to the road/driving) an accident took place and it was some one else who got injured or lost their life then? What should be done with you? Should you be charged with murder? YES, you should be hanged. Be responsible. No call is more important than a life. Drive carefully.


Show me the meaning of being lonely

I like this song, “show me the meaning of being lonely” by BackStreet Boys. I’m fascinated by the song. I don’t know much about music or anything related to it, I just love listening to good songs, that is all I know. So I don’t know whether it’s the lyrics, music or what it is but I’m always spellbound while listening to this song.  It’s a beautiful song and is pictured very beautifully too.

Part of the lyrics:

“Life goes on as it never ends,

eyes of stone observe the trend,

they never say, forever gaze,

if only, show me the meaning ………”

There is so much meaning in those lines, so philosophical. Never heard life described in a more apt way.

There are many more songs I would like to talk about, but that’s for some other time. Each song has some meaning for me. I mean whenever I hear some songs I keep wondering, this song describes exactly the way I think and feel, has this song been written for me.


I read an article about Multitasking recently which very much cleared my confusion whether to multitask or not and proved that I was right in thinking that multitasking is not very efficient.

It reasons that when you are multitasking, you are no giving either of the things your full attention. That got me thinking many of the people try to multitask now a days. I mean it has become very common to say the least. You are working on a project and in the middle of it  you try to check your email as well. Now by doing so you are not giving you complete attention to your work which should be your priority. Keep a time slot for everything. A time to work, a time to check and reply to your e-mails (unless they are very important or urgent), time to return your phone calls etc.

I see people talking on their mobile phones while driving. Besides the fact that it’s multitasking, isn’t it dangerous too. Well that can make another post. So more on that later 😉

Interesting read

An interesting book I read is “The Gospel of Sri RamaKrishna”. It’s a two-volume book written by Sri Mahendranath Gupta known as “M”. The book is about M’s Chronicles of his time spent with his Guru, Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa. It’s about the Master’s (as Sri RamaKrishna was called) teachings. It is well written and absolutely interesting to read. It is written in such a simple manner that everybody can understand the Master’s teachings very easily. It is about how/ways to reach GOD. Must read.

Another book I read is called “An autobiography of a Yogi” written by Paramhansa Yogananda. I liked it and would recommend it for others as well. It’s a good read, it tells us so many things which we usually don’t know about life, human body, life after death, reincarnation etc. If you are doubting whether there is GOD, it puts the doubt to rest.